Morning doodle

A quick doodle before my morning rush.


Inktober Day 4 “Spell”

Well... I didn't know about the Inktober thing... and is freaking awesome! They have a list of themes and well, here is mine "spell" I know is not the one I was supposed to do today, but I'm just starting here! Love to doodle around! Good night peeps!

Home Office

I work from home, I have a home office, and oh my, oh my, I'm a mess!!! I miss the days of actually getting out of my shack, stop by the drive-thru for a coffee, honk at the moron cutting the line, talking to a dream barista, the adrenaline of running late for a good... Continue Reading →

Robotics and martinis

Of course... there is nothing more appealing than waking up at 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning to drive kiddos to a robotics competition, yay (eye rolling and sad frown please) Yeah, six hours roaming around a convention center with middle schoolers, teens and team moms running from one booth to another like if Mick... Continue Reading →

Is Finally Friday… Martini time!

Already in my first rose and looking forward to martinis later on, so excuse me if I can only doodle sticks here. Can't believe I'm actually doodling around hahaha, anyway... Life is way too freaking short to double guess a martini, so cheer up and have some fun my peeps! Friday’s Martini

Shark song

Next time my daughters ask me to listen to a "very cool" song everyone is talking about I'll pass... Freaking sharks lalalala freaking sharks La la la la freaking sharks Even the foreign language teacher is using the freaking song to teach the colors!!!! Darn it! Goodnight peeps! Avoid mainstream music and learning material

Thank you doodles

So yeah... DaBitch was all spirited in the morning sipping a nice warm cozy cup of coffee, daydreaming of a martini by the time the coffee was gone, chores attempted to kick in, but no today, no motivation whatsoever, everything seemed dull, so DaBitch doodled and doodled thoughts away. The pack is back and the... Continue Reading →

So yeah... basically my teenager was trying to say "the witch is in" but instead she tweeted "da bitch is in" and voilá my nickname was forged in the cyberspace. Not sure if autocorrect was aiming for German phonics... "I run in coffee, doodles and martinis"

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