Prickly, kinda getting ready for the weekend

Is Thursday night and I'm literally exhausted I don't know how but I'm just laying flat staring at the ceiling, thinking out loud: "hello dear me, how did it happen? When did you lose the energy to rock and roll on a little Friday night huh?" And I curl in even more, three pups complaining... Continue Reading →


Morning walk

Yesterday's Inktober 2018 word of the day was "muddy," the perfect description of my morning walk with my pups, it happened yesterday and today too... Raining all day long, and of course, my pups ended with mud up to their ears... And my house? Yeah, you can imagine. So long beautiful manicure! Freaking mop duty... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 4 “Spell”

Well... I didn't know about the Inktober thing... and is freaking awesome! They have a list of themes and well, here is mine "spell" I know is not the one I was supposed to do today, but I'm just starting here! Love to doodle around! Good night peeps!

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