Spring Break

While everyone was enjoying the outdoors I was stuck studying for my midterms, oh yes, I am studying my second Master’s degree just because, well more like to prove my OCD alter ego that I can actually be a mum, a wife, a graduate degree student, and still have time to bitch about life and $#!t.

Is not really hard because I have insomnia so I’m actually doing something more with my nights beside doodling and sketching, I don’t watch TV, I tried to write and surprisingly finished 3 chapters but of course, my mind is blank and I don’t have the slightest clue on what the fudge is going to happen next, if the stupid character decides to act, of course writing essays for school is easier, no imagination whatsoever, just analysis of a situation and linking paragraphs, there is no such thing as climax, trait, antagonism, points of views, the “voice.”

Anyway, back to me and my OCD alter ego. Boring story short it was a meh week, but I manage to inspire my kids to give a rat arse about grades, to focus on what is important: their dreams and how to achieve them.

I managed to be a cool mum, like the mums on Instagram and Pinterest with super organizers, sticky notes, gel pens and stuff like that and I actually helped them to create a mind map for all the gazillion things they dream to do when they grow up.

At the end of the Spring Break, I got stuck between a microbiologist epidemiologist for the air force and an aeronautical astrophysicist engineer. How cool is that?

Never would have guessed.

And mum, what are yours? They asked…

Me? I sighed, couldn’t help it and hugged them both:

“This is what I dream of, well with some martinis… and coffee… and doodles.”

Ok my peeps, back to the chores of motherhood!



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