Procrastination Week

Who knew this week is national procrastination week, yup, is a thing apparently, putting off all things that are meant to be dealt with…

My girls are the champions of this holiday (?), seriously, they embrace their title with dignity and pride putting off every single freaking chore I asked.

Nothing I can do, but to relax and wait for Spring break to come and procrastinate even more…

Tests? yeah, I have those… but that is why the night was created for an insomniac to do things we can’t do in plain daylight.

Ok my peeps, I’ll be procrastinating and enjoying the cold weather, I’ll have to change my martinis for some Irish coffee…

And yes… I have a giant killer whale pillow in the corner of my home office, a dolphin and a yellow duck (not on the doodle) I was trying to create a real “yoga” corner but a throwing plushie was the best I could do.


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