You should make peace with Cupid

I only slept 2 hours last night… Sipping my fourth N’espresso after carpooling the kids I dragged my body to the gym, I guess my futile attempt to maintain my sanity at a decent level and my alter ego tied up is what motivates me to go every morning, I honestly don’t believe peeps would like DaBitch on the loose… Especially today.

The receptionist at the gym (a not so bad looking boy I have to confess) greeted me with an enormous smile, you know? That kind of smile the kids make like if there were no tomorrow… I envy those days.

I thought the smile was going to brighten my day but oh no! He had to open his mouth, right?

“Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy your workout! Do you have special plans for today?” (emphasis on the last vowel please)

“Thanks, dear but actually… I hate Valentine’s… but LOVE the chocolates on sale the morning after though, and yes I’ll try to enjoy my workout” I replied to the best of my abilities still having my shades on and plugging the earbuds into my ears trying to erase my existence from the rest of the lovey-dovey atmosphere.

“You should make peace with Cupid” The young boy mumbled.

I stopped and lowering my shades with a dramatic air gave him THE look.

He froze, he knew he was out of place by making such personal comment to a customer he interacts with not more than 3 seconds a day. I know he meant no disrespect, but dude… Seriously? I guess everyone has a freaking opinion these days.

I sighed and thought my words carefully since DaBitch was already prepping her boxing gloves ready to throw the first punch.

“I don’t see the point of it that’s all, ” I said with a calmer tone of voice. “Expectations run wild and never met, disappointment hides behind a face of ‘Oh well, they did it to the best of their abilities‘ or ‘the intention is what counts, right?‘ This holiday is just plain rubbish to me, that’s all. I wonder why people just don’t do exactly the same thing any other day? No pressure, no agenda, and certainly less expensive.”

The boy just looked at me, confused.

“And you don’t want me to get started on the restaurants with their overpriced romanticized fixed menus and cranky service, you really, really don’t… So I’ll stop now and let you enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s day.”

And with that, I smiled, climbed the staircase and hopped onto the treadmill ready to immerse myself into my audiobook “Killer by Nature” by Jan Smith.

Today I’ll enjoy pizza night with my girls and husband, I’m so looking forward to making peace with Cupid tomorrow during the chocolate sale!!



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