When pigs fly

I don’t know how they do it, all prep up with nutri-smoothies on one hand and the perfect sweat hair bundt with some loose hairs giving an air of laissez-fair, they look as if jumping out of an Instagram fitness post,! I’m thinking while kicking the stationary bike feeling the thump of my muffin top -more like an entire loaf- struggling to hit the cardio mark on the screen.

I’m sweating and I don’t like it, is bloody uncomfortable the moisture in your behind, back, under boobs and everything in between, simply not my thing. “I wonder if I can actually work out without sweating”, I asked the trainer and he just laughed asking to keep peddling… I still have 20 more to go.

I can certainly think of a good excuse to drop out of spinning class, all the amazing things I can be doing with that extra hour! Heck! I can even learn how to prepare smoothies instead of the workout.

Maybe some martini flavored smoothies can improve my mood or just cold brewed coffee with extra caramel for the fun of it, or a nice breakfast croissant with berries on the side sitting outside Champs Elysees… yeah, daydreaming while sweating my bum off.

Good options indeed, none of them feasible, maybe just a coffee, ugh! the trainer keeps looking at me, he knows I’m on the phone doing who knows what, this exercise is part of what I have to do now that I’m 46, bitchy body! why couldn’t you stay young huh? Oh no! You had to age, right?

The day when I actually enjoy exercise will be when pigs fly!

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