National croissant day?

My morning started as usual, rushing the kids so we could avoid the traffic at the intersection, driving other cars insane because I don’t go over the speed limit, and of course enjoying my freshly brewed N’espresso.

Siri, that annoying voice reminding you of nonsense stuff you pretend to care about, announced gloriously that today was National Croissant Day, and me on a diet!

I drop off the kids and went directly to the gym and hit the treadmill on fast mode just the hit the right amount of time and get 290 calories done.

Feeling accomplished I froze my behind walking to the Starbucks across the street and asked for the treat of the day, yes my croissant.

I’m counting the days for June 19 to arrive and have nothing more than the great of the day all day…. June 19 is the National Martini Day!

In the mean time I’ll start checking out good places to spend a good time honoring June 19



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