Broken heart


When does it end?

I wonder as I ask the Universe to share some wisdom here, seeing your girl crying -once more- because of dumping someone is not easy, yes s#!7 happens, is sad and she will be ok, I know, and as she said to me “I’ll glue myself don’t you worry mum, I always do.”

But that is not the freaking point here!


The F*$#ing point is that they are not supposed to glue themselves, teenagers are supposed to have fun doing idiotic things, eating ice cream, listen to forbidden music and rated R movies, not crying their guts because they have to dump someone, or because the got dumped. That sucks.

Honestly, it just sucks.

While I’m waining weight eating all the ice cream and keeping her calm, I’ll be doodling my thoughts. I know for now I can only offer hugs for comfort and a good ear to listen, her heart will heal eventually.

Bye peeps, and if you know how to mend a broken heart, don’t mind sharing the recipe.



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