Prickly, kinda getting ready for the weekend

Is Thursday night and I’m literally exhausted I don’t know how but I’m just laying flat staring at the ceiling, thinking out loud: “hello dear me, how did it happen? When did you lose the energy to rock and roll on a little Friday night huh?”

And I curl in even more, three pups complaining about me pulling MY blankets, all of the sudden my teenage kid shows up with sad eyes saying she had a bad day. and hiding the pillow behind her back she hugs me, sneaking inside my bed… the pups make a faint growl just to end up moving next to the guest.

Doodled earlier trying to find inspiration for my day, the inktober word of the day was “prickly” and yes… that was my day kind of a prickly pear, sweet but thorny.

And is just Thursday, I need some weekend time with dirty martinis on my left hand and my fountain pen on the other one to doodle around while the kiddos have their Halloween Party and the husband complains about the noise they make.

Good night peeps.


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