Home Office

I work from home, I have a home office, and oh my, oh my, I’m a mess!!!

I miss the days of actually getting out of my shack, stop by the drive-thru for a coffee, honk at the moron cutting the line, talking to a dream barista, the adrenaline of running late for a good parking space, meetings, appointments, decisions, the gossip at the lounge, and the outfits! Oh my! How much I miss my outfits, the stilettos, and matching accessories.

My super home office is filled with school projects, gym bags (not mine of course) high school books, half done crafts, art supplies, bills, letters dog toys, and… toothbrushes? (honestly WTF with these kids???)

I get out of my shack just to get away from cleaning duties, I absolutely HATE cleaning, a must do but doesn’t mean I have to like it right?

My commute is 20 minutes tops forth and back… that is my morning rush. I drive by the coffee shop after dropping off the kiddos, and believe me, the outfit I have on is last week pair of jeans and the first baggy t-shirt I can find, and definitely, no makeup. All my glamour and fabulousness is hidden somewhere under a pair of shades, a cranky barista hands me an americano, I “respectfully” honk at the mother trying to cut the line, -again- I smile and nod my head in disapproval.

Yeah, yeah, I know I have to be better at time management and stop procrastinating, but that is the problem with mums and home offices, there is always something we have to do, to fix, to pick up, to clean, to cook, to take the dog out to avoid stains in the carpet, and all of the sudden… Freaking time has passed and is time to go back to full-time mum duty.

Yeah, a home office is a blessing and a curse for us who love to do a gazillion things at the same time.




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